Kirill Nikitin

Kirill Nikitin

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First Name * Kirill
Last Name * Nikitin
Username * kiriniy
Country * Russia
City Moscow
Nationality Russian
Languages EnglishRussian



Availability: Freelance


Hello. My name is Kirill. I'm Russian, that's why my English, sometimes, can be so "perfect"...

All my life, creative was around me. I'm professional dancer, and for now working with Riverdance - The Show. But everyone here, probably, would like to know more about my 2D\3D art skills. So, it was beginning when my mom get for me my 1st computer (scary monochromic monster, without hard drive, booting from 5" floppy disk's to DOS and even without mouse... it was about 12 years ago) so, my 1st pictures was made there. It was something like, some spaceship corridors. And, then was... nothing! Years in dance practice, and freaking school time... But, like i say before, creative was always around me. I start play on drum set! Yes, it was great time. We with my friends make a band and start touring... not too far and not too long. It was over, when i go to get professional dance education in Moiseyev Ballet School-Studio in Moscow, but i still playing on drums and very love it. Anyway, once, mom (I love you!) buy for me, 2nd computer (later, i will buy 3rd, 4th, and now amazing Macintosh). 1998. Pentium MMX. Amazing! What i can do with him? I start writing, and make few stories. Ok, what next? Writing is good, and i very like it, but write music more interesting (especial without musical education!) And i begin write music, and made an album. Everything was there, it was Electro\Melodic\Drums styles. Are you still here? Continue? Anyway i will.
Ones, i tired from all this, and back to begin. 2D\3D art. Start learning Photoshop, trying hand painting, learn multimedia technologies, like Flash. Than find 3D Studio Max, and think: "Damn, this is what i won't to do! I love digital graphic!" Or something like this. Anyway, it's just hobby for me and i'm still dancer, but only here, sometimes, i can free my emotions, and try to make something really beautiful.
For now, i have little portfolio with some illustrations, 3D models, pictures and few WEB-Site's. Thank you for reading. Take care.


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